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ATTENTION Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

ALL of the
CYC requirements must be met before we can assign you a team!

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches MUST have completed the following:


Coaching Guidelines

Be a knowledgeable manager/coach. Know the rules of the-game and the By-laws of the CYC & SHAC.
All rostered coaches and assistant coaches must register with and possess a CYC ID Card.
Be responsible for the actions and conduct of yourself, your team, parents and spectators at any CYC event. Violations are subject to the disciplinary action of the CYC and/or SHAC
Maintain communication with the Sport Coordinator, SHAC, parents and team members. Clear any tournament participation with the Sport Coordinator.
Communicate with your parents throughout the season, whether verbally or by letter.
Utilize assistant coaches as necessary to assist the coach/manager in all duties. We recommend two (2) assistant coaches per team.
Be responsible for the distribution and collection of equipment in accordance with SHAC Policies.
The safety of your players must be a priority.
Provide a safe environment for the players. Possessing a basic First Aid Kit and having a warm up and stretching routine are recommended.
Provide the opportunity for players to learn the basic skills of the sport. Schedule a weekly practice. More than one practice a week is optional and may not be considered a required practice.
Providing players have attended practice and followed the rules, allow all players to play at least half the game. If player consistently misses practice and is a disciplinary problem, you may sit player out of a game completely or take away game time. Let the Sport Coordinator and the parents know why in advance
Coaches shall actively use their influence to promote a Christian attitude and sportsmanship from their spectators, working cohesively with the Coordinator, the Sacred Heart Athletic Committee, and the CYC.
Contest officials shall have the respect and support of the coaches. Coaches shall not indulge in conduct which will incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of officials is unethical.
If you are consistently having a problem that cannot be solved by discussing it with the officials during a time out, fill out an incident report.

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